It is difficult to give a set price, as each client has unique needs. Yet, wherever possible, We try to accommodate your budget and schedule needs to fit ours. Sunlight Group is unusual in that we provide a range/ depth of education that surpasses high school and college curriculums. Example: The ability to speak French or Spanish reasonably well within 3 months AND acquire a sound base of a second foreign language. This is combined with math, history/geography, government, economics, and business/trade/finance. Included too is English/communication: How to speak and write well, presentation techniques, and public speaking. For young minds, we emphasize language, math, and history.

A teaching program is unique to all. And all is negotiable. As a guideline, a full time commitment to a student, with firm goals to achieve, runs approximately $350-1100 a week. The larger number reflects a special situation where a client insists on being only one of two students of Sunlight Group. This is optimal for us. Otherwise, 3 full-time students is our maximum. We generally work under three (3) or six (6) month agreement programs. Tutoring charges are $55 per hour. A tutoring session is usually ninety minutes. If a class can be offered, 3-5 students, the lesson price is discounted.